"Everything inspires me! It can be a gesture, an expression, or a perfect imperfection. It can be the way a piece of clothing translates into body language, the way a ray of light hits a surface, the sound of a word, or a piece of music—I love music. My senses, somehow, connect the dots and communicate directly to my hand. I think that’s why my work is the most spontaneous and effortless. Sometimes, I get surprised by what I’m drawing and I like that. It's like whatever I'm drawing is channeled from within me.  I always want my drawings to feel lighthearted, relatable and warm.


Through my many years of being a fashion illustrator, working with some really great brands like Henri Bendel whom I worked with for over 20 years, I realized how my work makes high luxury into something familiar and approachable, while still being aspirational. That’s how I see my work. Whatever the project - for licensing it could be a notebook, a scarf, a t-shirt, luggage or even dinnerware, I like to help brands make high-quality products that are desirable and unique yet truly ownable. For me, this is where art and commerce meet".

Lipault x Izak

An exclusive and collectible travel collection 

Paris, January 24, 2019

La Collection x Izak

Interior design, store concept for the BlueBell group


Logo for "RGNS" by Isa

Logo for Anissa Nouhi's "Branding Bridge"

Logo for "Sewted"

Logo for "La Collection"

Logo and branding for "My Joli Bag", natural and organic cosmetics

Books Illustrated

"My Two Moms and Me"

"My Two Dads and Me"


Books for babies and toddlers with same-sex parents.

By author Michael Joosten and Random House

Available on Amazon and Barnes&Noble

"Bohemian Manifesto:

A Field Guide to Living on the Edge"

By Laren Stover and Paul Himmelein

Available on Echo Point Books & Media

Astrological Wall Calendar

by Susan Miller

Available on Astrologyzone.com

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