The irresistible and effortless "Izak girls"

by Sylviane Louzoun

Like a kid who’d draw on walls once he runs out of paper, Izak’s bamboo strokes and watercolors breezily hop from glossy fashion magazines to cutting-edge books or websites, while his designs break free from windows of prestige stores to rush out into the streets. Wherever they are in the world, Izak girls are so full of life and love that, after millions of sketches, their creator still seems to be falling for each of them. This devotion to femininity and beauty is probably the secret behind the fluidity of his fine art portraits. It’s also why his fashion illustrations are so coveted— whoever the outfit is from, the French-born and NY-based artist is sure to catch the allure and the soul of the woman or man wearing it.


Artsy Branding

Spiritual and profound, yet with an infectious “ joie de vivre”, Izak has an inimitable way of telling emotional and graceful stories for high-end brands like Chanel, Lancôme, Celine, Sephora, Estée Lauder, le Printemps — to name but a few. More than any other, his 20+ year work for Henri Bendel on 5th avenue has shown every facet of his branding talents — from traditional prints to murals or windows, and from product decor and designs to artist in residence events.

Adopted by prestige magazines from day one of his career — from Vogue, Elle, Self, Marie Claire, l’Officiel, InStyle and Madame Figaro, to New York Times Magazine, New Yorker, Town and Country, WSJ or Travel & Leisure – he has become an icon for many of his peers in the design world, as well as for his ever-growing list of fans in New York, Tokyo, Paris and more. But the only praise he is after is the smile in the eyes of the next face he will draw today.

© Izak Zenou, created by Zorica Colic

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